…and so it begins.


My name is Lathe Poland and I’m a filmmaker from Bethel, CT.

Recently I was diagnosed with diabetes. Of course, I imagine anyone who finds out they have a life threatening disease is surprised. But the “surprise” for me was compounded by the fact that I rarely eat sweets, never drink soda, and had no family history of diabetes.

Why would a seemingly healthy 30 something man like myself get a disease like this? My misconception like most people was that there were 2 scenarios where you get diabetes…Either it’s hereditary and it’s not your fault, or you eat junk food like it’s going out of style and end up diabetic.

My general practitioner wanted to start me on three different prescription medications, IMMEDIATELY. I guess what alarmed me was the “matter of fact” rubber stamp approach. Is this the way it was for everyone? Feeling very discouraged, I resigned myself to the fact that I would be taking medication the rest of my life.

I remember the day I heard a news segment about cases of diabetes and pre-diabetes skyrocketing. For me it was the tipping point…for my own sanity, I needed to piece this puzzle together.

Why were new cases of diabetes rising in epidemic proportions? Was our lifestyle, culture, food ecosystem, enabling this shift? Or was it the catalyst? And…could this wave of momentum be reversed?


I don’t know the answer to these questions. I intend to find out though!

My business partner, Eric Carlsen and I are going to produce a documentary that searches for these very answers. Please sign up to our e-mail list and we will keep you in the loop about this project.


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