Are You A Candidate For Type 3 Diabetes?

They’re calling it Type 3- Diabetes and it is directly related to your brain health. It seems that your pancreas is not the only organ that produces insulin in response to what you eat. Your brain does as well. Way back in 2005 this accidental discovery was made by a neuropathologist at Brown University studying the hippocampus (not part of the university but the part of your brain responsible for memory).

Who is at greatest risk for Type 3 Diabetes?

Though the opportunity is open to everyone, those most notably affected seem to be in the 70-89 year old age bracket.

How does Type 3 Diabetes manifest?

Impaired memory (why was i telling this story?)

language (let’s put gas in the cat. i mean, car. gas in the car.)

thinking (I’m confused)

and judgement (but it says i won the sweepstakes!)…

Often as people age, they lose interest in cooking and preparing real food and instead rely on convenient pleasure foods like cookies, cakes and candies to satisfy their hunger pangs. Perhaps loneliness drives away the urge to cook and meals are replaced by cocktails and sweets. A dramatic decline in health often follows the death of a spouse and there is strong evidence to suggest that poor diet contributes to this.

So if you’re loading up on carbs like sugars and grains you may be a candidate for Type 3 Diabetes, which, with it’s brain fog and forgetfulness is close kin to Alzheimer’s and dementia, maybe even a predecessor.

What to eat for brain health?

Avocados – in salads, or as salads (guacamole, for example).

Butter – Yes, butter, the real thing, preferably from pastured animals.

Coconut oil and olive oil- coconut to stir fry vegetables and olive to dress them.

Think A, B, C, D-lishous olive oil, and E for, ready for it? Eggs! Yes, everything you think you know is wrong when it comes to fat. Healthy real food fats like these are the best brain food. If someone calls you a fathead, be proud. And not to be overlooked is the fact that your gut is your second brain and what your gut needs is healthy bacteria. F is for fermented foods. Raw, lacto-fermented vegetables like kimchi and sauerkraut. Become a fermentalist yourself or buy them. Here’s a great source:

If you don’t feed your mind, you will lose it. It’s as simple as ABCDE and F. In case you forgot: Avocado, Butter, Coconut Oil, D-lishous Olive oil, Eggs and Fermented Foods.

Andrea DiMauro is the founder of the website Food Truth. For more great information on how to actually eat healthy check out her site AND be sure to download the Food Truth mobile app!

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