Carb-Loaded is now on IMDB

Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat is now listed on The Internet Movie database. It has been two plus years in the making to get to this point. We truely appreciate all of the encouragement from our supporters. So this is one of those “Smell the Roses” kind of moments. Okay, the moments up…Back to WORK!

The Carb-Loaded Poster has arrived!

We are very happy to show you the first version of the the Carb-Loaded poster. The artwork was done by the talented illustrator David Habben. More to come soon!

Video Update #27 – Interview w: Dr. Perlmutter

We sat down with the author of “Grain Brain”, Dr. David Perlmutter, and had a conversation about the role diet plays in our health. For more information about Dr. Perlmutter go to

Video Update #26 – Interview w: Jonathan Bailor

Recently, we enjoyed a lively discussion with the author of “The Calorie Myth” Jonathan Bailor. For more information about Jonathan Bailor go to

Video Update #25 – Interview w/ Chef Ann Cooper

We had a great chat with Chef Ann Cooper about our food culture and its impact on our children’s health. For more information about Chef Anne Cooper go to

On Location: Hittin’ the Streets

Let’s face it this winter has not been easy…maybe the worst in a couple of decades. So it did not hurt our feelings at all when we had to go to Miami to film some ‘man on the street’ interviews. We met some incredible people from all over the world including Argentina, Australia, Belize, Denmark,… [Continue Reading]

On Location: Farmville

Had yet another shoot we wanted to post about. It’s a bit out of context but will make more sense when you see the film in its entirety. We filmed Dr. Thomas Willis making an interesting discovery, and a farmers take on todays pre-packaged meals. Here’s a link to the photos on our Facebook page.… [Continue Reading]

On Location: The Doctor Is In

Oh man…it was a busy day, or rather a busy series of days leading up to our latest shoot. First of all, the prep work for this one was off the charts since we had onscreen talent for a dozen different scenes lined up. Lathe was in Superman mode getting everything ready from location scouting,… [Continue Reading]