Small Steps or Radical Changes?

rabtortWhen seeking to improve health or weight, should we do this in small steps or radical changes? Should we, for example, go on a strict LCHF diet or start out by just making a minor dietary change?

My tip is to start small with one big change.

For example, I advise patients who want to lose weight or improve their diabetes to start out by going on a strict LCHF diet. This in order to get an immediate strong positive effect on weight, blood sugar, digestive issues, sugar cravings etc. This positive effect will then strengthen the will to continue, and to make the change a habit.

However, I do NOT recommend making several changes at the same time. For example, you can start exercising later on, when the new diet has become a habit that is self-propelled.

Attempting to change your diet and exercise habits at the same time as you quit smoking and are being nicer to your in-laws is a recipe for failure. It’s unlikely that anyone has this amount of self-discipline. Therefore, it’s usually smarter to take one change at a time. Make it a habit, which takes at least three weeks. Then you can tackle the next issue.

What works best for you? Small steps or radical changes?

Andreas Eenfeldt is a Swedish medical doctor specializing in family medicine. His book “The Food Revolution” has galvanized the LCHF movement in Scandinavia. His blog Diet Doctor chronicles his research.

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