The Downer About Diabetes…

The downer about diabetes is the diet mindset. It’s all about what you are NOT eating anymore: soda, donuts and cake. The party’s over. And the problem with a diet is that it’s not sustainable; it doesn’t last. You start thinking about the day the diet will end on the day it starts. But to manage diabetes, the diet is for life. Operating within this paradigm sets you up for misery and self-denial which can mean swinging between rigid restraint and wild abandon.

Instead, manage diabetes by adding beneficial foods in new ways.There are many amazing foods that regulate blood sugar and simultaneously nourish your body.  Here’s a sweet one to add today.

Try Cinnamon!

Cinnamon: sometimes called an insulin substitute or “mimic” because it reduces blood sugar by increasing glucose uptake and signaling cells to convert glucose to glycogen. Besides that, it soothes digestion, stimulates circulation, reduces triglycerides and smells warm and cozy… As little as 1/4 tsp a day has been shown to be effective. It is one of the best things to add to your daily diet. Sprinkle generously on apple slices or bananas smeared with nut butter for a great breakfast, afternoon snack or lunchbox addition. Add to savory dishes like chili and stews: cinnamon and chile peppers are complementary flavors. For more suggestions, download the free Food Truth app!

Diabetic sounds like dietetic but it is not synonymous. Remember this adage: when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Adding new foods and recipes to your repertoire is fun and exciting and leaving harmful ones behind is healthy and empowering. One more thing: lousy food is lousy for everyone so the party going on out there with all the sugar is only going to leave a big mess to clean up in the end.

Andrea DiMauro is the founder of the website Food Truth. For more great information on how to actually eat healthy check out her site AND be sure to download the Food Truth mobile app!

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