“This is Your Brain on Gluten”

gluten-freeCan a strict low-carb diet dramatically reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease? And the risk of almost every other neurological disease, like depression and ADHD? That’s what Dr. Perlmutter argues in his bestselling book Grain Brain.

Here’s a good article on Perlmutter’s claims with comments from several other doctors:

TheAtlantic: This is your brain on gluten

I find it amusing that Dr. Katz whines about how Dr. Perlmutter’s book is getting so much attention. His own newly-released book, Disease Proof, is much more “sensible” he says, yet it’s no bestseller.

Is it just me or is Dr. Katz sounding jealous? Like most people I haven’t read Dr. Katz book, but the title “Disease Proof” seems like the least sensible one I could imagine.

When it comes to Grain Brain I’ve read most of it and find it interesting. Although Dr. Perlmutter certainly exaggerates the level of scientific support for his ideas – most of the studies he cites just find statistical correlations supporting his ideas, not proof.

I think it’s safe to say that reducing the amount of sugar and processed junk carbs is good for anyone’s brain. Whether everyone would benefit from also reducing the intake of unprocessed carbs and eating a strict high-fat diet… that’s still speculation.

Andreas Eenfeldt is a Swedish medical doctor specializing in family medicine. His book “The Food Revolution” has galvanized the LCHF movement in Scandinavia. His blog Diet Doctor chronicles his research.

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