You think diabetes happens like male pattern baldness? You have to wait and wait until middle age to find out if you have it and then be powerless to change it? What if you could train for it? What if you really can impact your health destiny?

Good news!

Type 2 Diabetes is not just for a genetically preselected crowd. That bagel every morning with your coffee, the soda with lunch and a pasta dinner two or three times a week can get you there by the time you’re 40. If you want to get it done earlier you might have to drink a few more sodas and throw in regular candy bars. Not to worry, granola bars will do. They have the same amount of sugar. Your pancreas won’t tell the difference. Just be sure to consistently overwork it by demanding that large amounts of insulin be dumped into your bloodstream to regulate the blood sugar. In fact, with so many refined grains and sugars available to us conveniently, this should be very easy to do without any planning at all. Don’t sweat it.

At the very least, you can guarantee insulin resistance in your cells as long as you follow the Western Diet, loaded with foods that melt into sugar in your body. You can even be a snob and do it organically. Organic sugars and flours and all of the products they make like crackers, breads and cookies will work just as well as HO-HOs and Twinkies.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Still, since your body is a remarkable self-correcting machine, it may take longer than you’d like so to accelerate the process you may want to consider an appetite stimulant like aspartame: in “sugarless” gum perhaps. I know, sounds crazy, right? Even though it can’t offer any measurable calories on its own, it will wire your brain for a level of sweetness that will only be satisfied by HFCS, agave syrup or another highly concentrated sweetener so you’ll still reach your goal. You may even gain excess weight, develop heart problems and inflammatory conditions like arthritis as extra perks along the way.

Just be patient and avoid soluble fiber at all costs. That means no vegetables and fruits. You’ll want to stick to fruit juice, not whole fruit in it’s natural state. That’s where you’ll run into trouble with the fiber slowing down the digestion of the fructose and pacing the release of insulin from your pancreas. Remember, since insulin is the “fat-storing” hormone, you won’t gain much weight with the whole fruits either…just sayin’.

By the way, do you think wearing that baseball cap day after day for years really did wear your hair off? A good reason to keep it on now anyway.

And if this is not where you’re headed, check the map and walk away from the Western Diet. EAT REAL FOOD.

Andrea DiMauro is the founder of the website Food Truth. For more great information on how to actually eat healthy check out her site AND be sure to download the Food Truth mobile app!

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