Staggering Statistics Regarding Kids’ Food

A recent study out of PLoS One aimed to quantify the percentage of calories coming from various sources in kids’ diets.And while no doubt dietary recall sucks, the authors looked at calories from, “grocery stores, fast food restaurants, full-service restaurants, school cafeterias, and “other”. The “other” category included foods or beverages from someone else or as a… [Continue Reading]

Is it Really “Scientifically Impossible” to Keep Your Weight Off?

I’ve had many requests to comment on the recent study and reports that permanent weight loss is impossible. The stories remind me of a piece from the New York Times a few years ago that also said we’re all doomed to regain our lost weights and I’ll repost my blog on that below, but briefly,… [Continue Reading]

UK’s Largest Supermarket Bans Checkout Line Candy!

In a move that will hopefully be mirrored by supermarkets the world over the UK’s Tesco chain is eliminating checkout lane candy from all of its stores. Here in Canada Loblaws has played around some with candy-free checkouts, and just a month ago Indigo, Canada’s largest bookseller, under the leadership of Heather Reisman (who is also… [Continue Reading]

BREAKING! Coca-Cola Europe President James Quincey Supports Cup Size Limits!

The BBC’s Jeremy Paxman, in discussing the insane amounts of sugar in movie theater serving sizes of Coca-Cola (23 teaspoons of sugar in a small movie Coke, 44 teaspoons in a large), leads Coca-Cola Europe’s President James Quincey to state (at 4:38 in video below), “Look, I do think we need to recognize that things… [Continue Reading]

If the Food Industry Supports it, Your Public Health Intervention Likely Needs Work

You can pretty much rest assured that your public health intervention is weak if the food industry thinks it’s a great idea and throws its support or backing behind it. Cases in point. A few weeks ago I was part of a round table discussion on public private partnerships between the food industry and public… [Continue Reading]

What Did You Expect? Coca-Cola’s Newest Anti-Obesity Ad Blames Chairs, Not Coke.

So did anyone honestly think Coca-Cola cared about obesity? That the Superbowl Coca-Cola halftime ad that talked of all calories counting meant that they’d encourage people to drink less of their sugar water? Silly world says Coca-Cola. It’s not about the sugar water. It’s about chairs. Chairs make people fat. Here’s Coca-Cola’s first missive in its new… [Continue Reading]

Child Literacy – The Food Industry’s Next Co-Opted Cause Célèbre?

Sure looks that way and it’s a brilliant move for the food industry. After all there are growing calls to ban the provision of toys with junk food, but what if instead of toys, junk food came with books and the purveyors of junk claimed that it was all in the name of improving literacy?… [Continue Reading]

Beyoncé, Why Do You Hate My Children?
(an open letter)

Dear Beyoncé, I have 3 beautiful little girls – 8, 5 and 3. While they’re not quite old enough yet to know who you are, I’ve no doubt they’ll both discover and adore you over the course of the next few years. What you say to them, what your advertisements will say to them, will… [Continue Reading]