What Did You Expect? Coca-Cola’s Newest Anti-Obesity Ad Blames Chairs, Not Coke.

cokeSo did anyone honestly think Coca-Cola cared about obesity? That the Superbowl Coca-Cola halftime ad that talked of all calories counting meant that they’d encourage people to drink less of their sugar water?

Silly world says Coca-Cola. It’s not about the sugar water. It’s about chairs. Chairs make people fat.

Here’s Coca-Cola’s first missive in its new found commitment to “fight overweight and sedentary lifestyle” shows a man rising up against the chairs of the world….and buying the 10 teaspoons of sugar water otherwise known as a fully loaded 12oz Coke.

Again, you really can’t make this stuff up.

[UPDATE #1: After you watch the video vilifying chairs, make sure you click here to have a gander at some absolutely delicious sugary irony

UPDATE #2: After a few folks questioned the veracity of the ad suggesting it was a fake or a parody I contacted Publicis Spain (the agency credited) and they responded to tell me that it is indeed a real Coca-Cola advertisement.

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