My Shopping Cart, by Ilona Kasza

To give you an idea of what kind of food I buy every day, please check out my shopping cart for today: salmon chicken bacon eggs bell pepper feta cheese in olive oil strawberries pure cream (40% fat) sour cream (35% fat) spinach I add a few more ingredients (onion, carrots, salt, pepper) and our… [Continue Reading]

Do We Need Carbohydrates in our Diet?

So, do we really need all that glucose in our bloodstream to fuel the activities of our muscles and brain? Public health authorities still recommend a carbohydrate-rich diet to achieve health (food pyramid). However, the increasing number of chronic disease patients indicates that carbohydrates might not be the ideal food for human beings. People who… [Continue Reading]

You say “Fruit”! Your body says “SUGAR”!

Steve Jobs was vegan, on a high-fruit (fructose or fruit sugar) diet. He died of pancreatic cancer on 5th October 2011. Ashton Kutcher playing the Apple co-founder in the movie “Jobs”, went on a high-fruit diet, and ended up in hospital with inflamed pancreas. Article in USA Today: Ashton Kutcher suffers health scare prepping for ‘Jobs’ People eating high amounts… [Continue Reading]

Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Prevent Heart Disease

David Evans compiled a great reference book – Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Prevent Heart Disease – about the relationship of Saturated fat in the diet and heart disease, showing that there is no correlation between these two elements. The book contains 101 scientific papers (with the name of the authors and the year it has… [Continue Reading]

Children and Low Fat – Health Hazards

This is what I’ve found recently on the net: Kids still hungry after school lunch (you can also read here). With the new guidelines in America, kids get more fruits and vegetables in their school lunch and – this year – less meat. And they are hungry! After a big salad, fruits and a bit… [Continue Reading]

The Genes of Aging and Carbohydrates

U.S. geneticist, Professor Cynthia Kenyon discovered that a high-carbohydrate diet “directly affect two key genes that govern youthfulness and longevity”. These two genes are insulin related, so related to the amount of carbohydrate in our diet. Kenyon discovered that when she removed these two insulin-receptor genes (daf-2 and daf-16) in worms, they not only lived longer,… [Continue Reading]

Hunger – The Role of Insulin

The classic approach to weight loss is to eat less, so researchers put obese patients on a calorie-restricted diet. If they loose weight, it means that obesity is caused by overeating. The problem is that results are not really compelling. The subjects usually loose weight, but the diet results in negative physiological effects as well,… [Continue Reading]