My Shopping Cart, by Ilona Kasza

Shopping CartTo give you an idea of what kind of food I buy every day, please check out my shopping cart for today:
  • salmon
  • chicken
  • bacon
  • eggs
  • bell pepper
  • feta cheese in olive oil
  • strawberries
  • pure cream (40% fat)
  • sour cream (35% fat)
  • spinach

I add a few more ingredients (onion, carrots, salt, pepper) and our meal is ready. The dessert will be: strawberries with sour cream and cinnamon.

Every day, it’s pretty much the same, some kind of protein, fats, vegetables and fruits (no grapes and bananas). Is this boring? Not at all, I love my food and I would not want to go back to eat carbohydrates and sugars again. Life is much better when we are healthy.
I have to add that I don’t really drink alcohol, juices (not even freshly pressed fruit juices) and sweetened beverages. I drink water, herbal teas and occasionally coffee (with butter and pure cream, no sugar).
If you have questions, just drop me an email via my website. Thank you.

Ilona Kasza is a Hungarian fashion designer living in Singapore. She is the creator of the BIG FAT BLOG where she writes about food and health topics.

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