Keep doing WHATEVER it is you’re doing

I got an interesting e-mail today from a gentleman that was able to reverse his diabetes, in large part, by changing his diet. It’s a story that I have heard many times over from people that decided to take control of their health and take positives steps to regain their health. The thing that struck… [Continue Reading]

An FMTV event not to be missed!

We are proud of the film that we have created, and judging by the positive response, our audience is happy with the film too. It is critically important that we deliver Carb-Loaded to our audience in a way that they want to watch it. Therefore, we couldn’t be more excited about the amazing distribution deal… [Continue Reading]

Carb-Loaded is now available to watch!

Over two years in the making, we are happy to share Carb-Loaded with the world. There are many ways to watch, and many more coming, so stay tuned! Go to our watch page to see the different “channels” that you can see the film on…

The Rubber Stamping of the Guidelines

In just a few weeks we will be ready to release the film. I wanted to share an excerpt from an interview we conducted last year with a really fascinating researcher by the name of Adele Hite MPH RD. This interview is included in the special features of the DVD. I thought it was a pretty interesting… [Continue Reading]

Rent or Buy Carb-Loaded on 10-1-14

Starting October 10th, Carb-Loaded will be available for rent and purchase from Vimeo On Demand and VHX. You can also pre-order the DVD right here at Carb-Loaded. More options will be announced on our Watch page.

Eating a “Normal” diet…

It saddens me how often I hear about diabetics that wish they could eat a “normal” diet. “Normal” compared to what? The Standard American Diet? A huge majority of Americans eat a diet that is completely abnormal and unhealthy. For many the longing for a normal diet, is in fact a longing for the diet… [Continue Reading]

The U.S. Premiere set for Sat. Sept. 27th

As you can imagine we are pretty excited about sharing Carb-Loaded with everyone. We will be premiering the film next month at the beautiful Ridgefield Playhouse. If you will be in the area and would like to attend, click here for the ticket information. We hope to see you there!

Here are a few low carb snack ideas.

Here are a few ideas on things you can snack on when you want to eat a lower carb diet. These are just a handful of ideas (and the ones I happened to have pictures of on my phone). Scroll to the bottom of the page in the link below.