Why Paleo Fails

It goes without saying that I’m a HUGE fan of the paleo diet. Though I don’t call myself “paleo” — I prefer to say that I just eat real food — I think a diet and lifestyle based on ancestral living makes a whole lot of sense. And judging by the lean physiques and energetic… [Continue Reading]

When Animals Eat Right, You Do Too!

Maybe they’ll believe me now. Last weekend, while watching my beloved Oregon Ducks take a loss, I somehow found my buddies and I in a debate regarding the role of meat in heart disease and cancer. In their opinion, meat is something that should seldom be consumed. The saturated fat will kill you. Studies show… [Continue Reading]

It’s Not About the Nutrients: The Stanford Organic Food Study

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Abel Bascom for his popular Fat-Burning Man podcast. About thirty minutes into our conversation, Abel pitched me the most rant-inducing question he could have possibly delivered. Abel’s query pertained to the recent study out of Stanford University concluding that organically-grown food is no more nutritious than… [Continue Reading]