Why Paleo Fails

Sad FredIt goes without saying that I’m a HUGE fan of the paleo diet.

Though I don’t call myself “paleo” — I prefer to say that I just eat real food — I think a diet and lifestyle based on ancestral living makes a whole lot of sense.

And judging by the lean physiques and energetic presence of last week’s Paleo FX presenters and attendees, eating and living this way definitely works…

But not all of the time.

If I had to guess, I would say that for every one person who has tasted success with paleo (it tastes like bacon, by the way), there are at least ten who have failed.

And that’s because following a paleo diet means you have to follow a paleo diet.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy a caveman can do it.

The honest truth is that, for most people, going paleo isn’t just a matter of reading the latest paleo book and dropping the grains, legumes, and dairy.

As with any change in behavior — in this case, diet and lifestyle — a concurrent shift in perspective must take place, without which the change is sure to be short-lived.

Or as our UW YouTube guest and author of The Paleo Coach Jason Seib says, you’ll soon find yourself doing your second or third 30-day paleo challenge.

This is the difference between those who succeed with paleo and those who do not.

Of course, you need the nuts and bolts — food lists, recipes, workouts — and know-how to get started with your paleo lifestyle.

However, it is a shift in mindset that ensures that you stick with it.

In the video below, Jason and I discuss the missing psychological piece of the paleo puzzle.

You’ll learn….

* why focusing on appearance alone won’t get you very far
* why intrinsic motivation is the key to long-term success
* the pitfalls of implementing too much paleo too soon

Sean Croxton is the founder of Founder of Underground Wellness he also has a regular podcast check it out at iTunes.

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