The Ketogenic Cookbook

The latest book from author Jimmy Moore, The Ketogenic Cookbook, just arrived in the mail. Honestly, I was blown away the instant I opened the cover. The book is filled to the brim with gorgeous, mouth-watering photographs and over 150 recipes. If you need some inspiration for what to plan for your next meal…this is… [Continue Reading]

Want a Quick an Easy Way to Gain Weight? Have a Smoothie!

Say whaaa? I thought I finally had a healthy and EASY plan for breakfast! Well there is good news, and there is bad news. A green smoothie, especially one made of green leafy veggies, will be much lower in sugar. But a fruit smoothie can be a really easy way to put your pancreas into… [Continue Reading]

Excerpt from Carb-Loaded about Metabolic Syndrome

Here is a short scene from the film about the looming Metabolic Syndrome epidemic.